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In an era of facile, just-for-fun dating and mutual swipe-rights, you still deserve to be pursued with pure intentions through thorough, effortful means.

You deserve to know the truth directly from him before he even courts you.

The man who seriously wants you will have confessed his feelings for you by the time he takes action to pursue you. He will surprise you with that damn truth in your most clueless state. He will brave the most difficult part because that is the right way to begin. He won’t do it gradually and confusingly. He won’t send you mixed signals and let you wait for him to confirm. No matter what your reaction could be, he will admit it to you firsthand and first of all. He will tell it to you face-to-face.

You deserve to be pursued through effortful creativity and resourcefulness.

The man who seriously wants you doesn’t just text you sweet, flirty messages full of heart emojis. He also writes you short poems regardless of how awkward they may sound. He practices sketching a portrait of you to be enclosed with handwritten letters because he knows you don’t deserve mere, withering flowers and chocolates that could just be stolen by your friends. He wants his presents to be lasting and unique—made especially for you. He would rather cook for you instead of taking you out for a typical romantic dinner because watching cooking shows on YouTube, doing the grocery, chopping and mincing ingredients count as effort. Conspicuous effort.

You deserve to be waited for, not rushed.

The man who seriously wants you will not make you feel like he’s just competing with time. He will not make you feel like his love for you has a deadline. In fact, he is willing for his love to be tested by time. He is willing to wrestle against the temptation of giving up. He wants to prove he can patiently wait for your yesthough it may take months, or even years. Because the man who wants you has that timeless love and so he respects your decisions. He respects what you feel towards him even if it’s barely similar with what he feels for you. He will just patiently wait until the feelings become mutual.

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