Beanbag Thai Coconut BBQ Sauce Quinoa And Mixed Nuts

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Beanbag Thai Coconut BBQ Sauce Organic Quinoa And Mixed Nuts

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Our signature Thai Sauce is a fusion of Western BBQ Sauce and a kick of Thai spice blends.

Featured with “quinoa” high fiber superfood and toasted coconut. The tropical flavour of “Nam Hom” coconut chips round out the flavours and add extra crunch textures.

If you’re craving for something salty, then you’ve got the right one! It’s creamy, sweet, savoury and extremely satisfying in every bite!!

Ingredients: Organic cashews, peanuts, coconut chips (coconut, sugar, salt), organic brown sugar, organic coconut sugar, organic quinoa, salt, onion powder, chili powder, shallot powder, allspice powder, paprika, black pepper.

Country of Origin: Thailand

Allium Alert: Contains ONION and SHALLOT.

Distributor: Zhong Yong Traders

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