Nature’s Superfoods Organic Dried Apricots


A Vitamin-A Powerhouse.



Dried Apricots are globally loved. They are not only deliciously sweet and chewy, but are also packed with good nutrients especially Vitamin A which is essential for healthy eyes, skin and the immune system.

Dried Apricots are also a good source of dietary fibre. Organically-grown dried apricots are usually a dull orange-brown color, and not the bright orange color associated with non-organic dried apricots that have been treated with sulfites (preservative).

Nature’s Superfoods Sun-Dried Apricots are organically grown and naturally dried in the Mediterranean sun, with no added sugar, preservatives or additives.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Apricots (Whole & Dried).

Country of Origin: Turkey

Additional information

Additional information


140 G, 420 G